My husband, Lionel, and I, Shawn, both grew up and met in the small town of Danville, Illinois. A place where the corn fields are plenty, and where everyone, and I mean everyone knew your name. Then we had a bright idea and decided to take a plunge into the deep abyss... the United States Army. After my husband enlisted, we were whiskedaway to Germany, a place drastically different from everything we had grown up knowing. At times, this lifestyle was a difficult adjustment, but traveling and newfound friends helped fill a void that once was filled with family love since we were separated geographically. Fast forward twenty years and we have not one, but two beautiful children that I am grateful to have in my life each and every day. Despite my abundant blessings, it never braced me for the passing of my father, Ronald Miller, in January 2011. It was a numbing, crushing blow that if you have ever experienced it, I wholeheartedly sympathize, and if you haven't, I pray it is a long way off. He was my encourager, and no matter what life threw at him, he was unwavering amidst every circumstance. My father had sacrificed so much for my family over the years, but the sweetest memory we all share with him was a peanut butter sucker. It was simply a spoon dipped in a jar of peanut butter at the table, but it had to be done with someone you loved. I have so many visions of my father and son when he was younger at the table just talking and laughing, making something that will never be forgotten. When we were thinking of a name for our business, it was astonishingly clear. Hence, this is how "The Peanut Butter Sucker" was born. So in his rememberance, we have decided to help create those memories for other families, memories that last for years to come. 
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